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Appointment Setting

More opportunities to strengthen relationships, grow revenue.

The lifeblood of any sales organization is the ability to meet with prospects and customers for the purpose of selling services. A consistent stream of customer appointments not only provides countless sales opportunities, but it increases the ability to retain clients and maximize the total lifetime value of each customer.

With our appointment setting solutions, Engagex can help ensure that the meeting pipeline stays full and that you spend your time in front of your customer and not on the phone. Using a multichannel approach, and with a robust ability to integrate our processes and technology, appointment setting has never been easier, more cost effective, or efficient.

Channels We Use

We tailor each solution to optimize the effectiveness of your customer engagement.
These are the channels we use for our appointment settings services:

  • Inbound/outbound phone
  • Email
  • Online Chat
  • SMS Text


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