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Help Desk and Tech Support Description Solutions:


Help Desk & Technical Support

Scalable, on-demand capacity 24/7.

Staffing a dedicated help desk can get expensive, especially if you are going to meet today's expectations of 24/7 help.

Engagex can help expand your help desk presence via direct telephone, email and/or live chat support. Because our tech support staff can provide service across multiple clientele at the same time, your costs of providing top-tier support can be diffused, resulting in a much lower cost-per-touch for you than you might otherwise achieve.

Channels We Use

We tailor each solution to optimize the effectiveness of your customer engagement.
These are the channels we use for our Help desk and technical support solutions:

  • Inbound/outbound phone
  • Email
  • Live Chat


A revolutionary suite of activity-based productivity tools designed to amplify any engagement strategy. The propriatary TouchPoints software system sets us apart from all other outsourced engagement firms.


A completely transparent way to view all your campaign activity. From live time reporting to dashboard metrics, Ventana is your window into every thing we do on your behalf.