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Inside Sales Description Solutions:


Inside Sales

A flexible, low-cost sales team.

Leveraging our team of inside sales professionals will increase your sales revenue and lower your cost-per-sale. Instead of paying your own in-house team for time spent selling and not selling, the Engagex team provides a significant value in theat you only pay for the actual time selling. Your overhead goes down, while your productivity goes up!

Channels We Use

We tailor each solution to optimize the effectiveness of your customer engagement.
These are the channels we use for our inside sales solutions:

  • Inbound/outbound phone
  • Email
  • Live Chat
  • SMS Text


A revolutionary suite of activity-based productivity tools designed to amplify any engagement strategy. The propriatary TouchPoints software system sets us apart from all other outsourced engagement firms.


A completely transparent way to view all your campaign activity. From live time reporting to dashboard metrics, Ventana is your window into every thing we do on your behalf.