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Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing Description Solutions:


Lead Generation

Using a custom blend of paid search, content marketing, display advertising, direct email, email marketing and/or telemarketing, we can help attract prospects to you.

With smart response offers and online lead capture forms, email notifications and/or warm telephone transfers, we can receive, record and pass along inbound leads to your team (or ours) for immediate sales follow-up.

Lead Nurturing

Not every lead is ready to buy, and keeping those leads properly segmented and nurtured helps you cultivate additional sales tomorrow. Our telephone, direct email and/or email nurture programs cost-effective keep your leads "warm" and position you as the best choice when your leads are ready to buy.

Channels We Use

We tailor each solution to optimize the effectiveness of your customer engagement.
These are the channels we use for our Lead generation and lead nurturing solutions:

  • Inbound/outbound phone
  • Email
  • Direct Mail


A completely transparent way to view all your campaign activity. From live time reporting to dashboard metrics, Ventana is your window into every thing we do on your behalf.