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Count on Engagex to provide on-demand inbound and outbound call capacity to help you scale up as needed, providing you with a seamless extension of your business.

Our state-of-the-art facilities house thousands of square feet of call center capacity.

We'll prepare scripts, customize the Caller ID display information, and provide you with real-time 24/7 performance visibility through our Ventana Portal.


Inbound - Increase your capacity to manage customer service issues by leveraging Engagex to answer inbound emails from your customers.

Outbound - Whether for acquisition, retention or win-back, our strategies are designed to boost your bottom line.

With our cutting-edge email platform, we help with the targeting, creative design, and deployment of each campaign to optimize its effectiveness. In addition, we insure all email communications are CANSPAM compliant.

Direct Mail

Direct mail continues to be one of the most effective ways to reach prospective and current customers, particularly as a tool for driving responders to landing pages and micro-sites where you can capture response information and follow-up to yield a higher response conversion.

We can help you target, personalize, create, and produce high-performing direct mail pieces that get the response you want.

Online Chat

In today's world, consumers expect instant answers to questions and instant resolution of issues. Online chat provides the channel for that instant communication to occur.

Our programming team can customize a chat experience that will reside on your website, allowing you to really up your customer service game.

At Engagex, we have the technical expertise and customer service manpower to provide a turnkey online chat solution for you to boost your online presence.

SMS Text - Inbound & Outbound

Engaging with companies via texting on their mobile device is a service that consumers have come to expect.

Through our innovative platform, powered by our professionally trained team of contact agents, customers can send and receive instant text messages to engage with your brand.

Whether for inbound customer service or for outbound marketing, our software and team members are the key to elevating your engagement strategy.